Monday, February 11, 2013

February 2013 Playlist

February 11, 2013
Christianne – Casino - Algoma – IND (Toronto)
Matthew De Zoete – Criminal - Colour Film – IND (Dundas)
Joanna Chapman-Smith – Get in Line - Love Me Deeply – IND (Toronto)
Matty Powell – Yellowquill - Kiss the City – IND (Toronto)
Gentleman Reg – You Lie in the Dirt - Leisure Life – Heavy Head (Toronto)
Peter Peter – Carrousel - Une Version Amelioree De La Tristesse – Audiogram (Montreal)
Classified – That's What I Do - Classified – Halflife (Halifax)
Ghettosocks w/ DJ Jon Deck – Value Village - We're gonna drink a lot of Wine this year, boys. - Droppin Science (Halifax)
The Damn Truth – Kinda Awkward - Dear in the Headlights – IND (Montreal)
Thighs – Tooth - Thighs – Not Unlike (Toronto)
The Breezes – On Again - The Breezes – IND (Montreal)
October Gold – Being on the Road - Into the Silence – IND (Montreal)
The Good Lovelies – State Trooper - Live at Revolution – IND (Toronto)
The New Lightweights – Waiting - What Keeps Us Together – IND (Winnipeg)

Favourite Track of the Night: Classified

February 18, 2013
All Local Show... Inspired by Searchlight...

Help a Windsor band win BIG! Searchlight is a new contest from CBC Radio One’s The Bridge – and one band will be named the best new act in the Windsor area, and then have a chance to win $20,000 in gear from Yahama, a video session at CBC Music, and more at the nationals.
Entry deadline was Feb 14. Voting starts today and ends Feb. 24. The Top 20 acts will be revealed on Feb 25 at 9pm.
You can vote once a day!!

The Blues Stones – More to Life – S/T EP – IND (Windsor)*
Dave Russell – Toys – Unnatural Disaster – IND (Windsor)*
Spooky But Nice – Sun Goes – S/T – IND (Windsor)*
Learning – Guns Around Here- Live in a Living Room – IND (Windsor)*
James OL – The Ballad of Russell Jones – History of Sex – IND (Windsor)*
Crissi Cochrane – I Won't Try to Break Your Heart – Pretty Alright – IND (Windsor)
Field Assembly – Lightspeed – Broadsides & Ephemera – IND (Windsor)
Johnny West – I Wear a Gold Watch & Chain – The Bitter Side of Sweet (Windsor)
Leighton Bain – Dance All Night – Vietnam EP – IND (Windsor)
The Locusts Have No King – Catching a Slow Train on a Dead Man's Birthday – S/T (Windsor)
Citywide Vacuum – Details – Pact – IND (Windsor)
(* bands who submitted to Searchlight)

Other Great Acts to Check Out in the Searchlight Contest:
A Volatile Mixture
Allison Brown
Brian Parent
Years of Ernest
The Unquiet Dead
Fisher Kings
Pulp City Inn
David St. Pierre
Mark Lenover
Tony Youssef
The Nefidovs
Pomegranate Tiger
Dore Mear Beon – Dresden
State of Us
Keats Elizabeth Conlon
Sydney Matlock

February 25, 2013
Chloe Charles – Business - Break the Balance – IND (Toronto)
Christ vs Krishna – We Stand Alone - Move & Scale – IND (Toronto)
Tarantuela – Educated Man - Good Luck Black Cat Bad Luck – Cameron House (Peterborough)
Hilotrons - Not There Tonight - At Least There's Commotion – Kelp (Ottawa)
Tegan & Sara – Drove Me Wild - Heartthob – Warner (Vancouver)
Cobra & Vulture – Carve a Path Like a Valley Through the Land - Grasslands – IND (Montreal)
Find the Others – I Like You - S/T – IND (Toronto)
River Tiber – The City - Synapses – IND (Toronto)
Harry Manx – Love Supreme - Om Suite Ohm – Dog My Cat (Saltspring Island, BC)
Hayden – Blurry Nights - Us Alone – Arts & Crafts (Toronto)
Matthew Robinson – Mothers - Something that We Did – Rebeltone (Lethbridge)
Corin Raymond – Ol Fort Mac - Paper Nickel – Local Rascal (Toronto)
Ron Sexmith – Deepens With Time - Forever Endeavour – Warner (Toronto)

Favourite Track of the Night: Chloe Charles!

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