Saturday, January 25, 2014

Monday is the LAST Far North Sound!

It's a bittersweet ending... I truly love CJAM and everything it offers the community. I am doing a bit of reminiscing while planning my 2 hour finale (Jan 27 2014 5-7P) and I thought I would share some pictures from my 10 years at CJAM. I found soooo much music, made so many friends and learned so much... yay CJAM!

2003: The Co-Op Years
I need to find pictures... I will keep looking!

2005: The National Campus Radio Conference in Guelph with Cassandra

2006: Jammies @ Phog Lounge

2006: Theresa & Lisa rocking We Surrender

2006: Representing CJAM @ Warped Tour

2006: Pledge Drive Wrap-Up @ Phog Lounge


2007: CJAM LOVE with Angela, Zaina & Cassandra

2008: Jammies @ The Room

2008: Pledge Drive

2008: CJAM's 25th Anniversary @ Art Cite

2009: Electro-Q @ The DH

2010: CJAM Festivus 

2010: Cassandra Resigns as Program Director, 
so we misbehave in the on-air studio

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