Monday, November 25, 2013

Arcade Fire, Animal Parts, Kashka and more!

November 25, 2013

Blue Rodeo – Paradise - In Our Nature – Warner (Toronto)
Andrew Austin – If It Ain't This Town - While It's Still Light Out – Fontana (Toronto)
James Keelaghan – Somewhere Ahead - History – Borealis (Winnipeg)
Jesse & the Dandelions – Only Just Be Friends - A Mutual Understanding – Old Ugly (Lethbridge)
Karyn Ellis – You'll Do Anything - More Than a Hero – IND (Toronto)
Animal Parts – Are You Man? - Six Arms to Hold You – Hungry Music (Toronto)
Drawn Ship – Unknown Sister - Ghost Weight – Scratch Records (Vancouver)
Arcade Fire - It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus) – Reflektor – Merge (Montreal)
Don Brownrigg – Sweet Dream Sleeper - Dirt – IND (Calgary)
John Lesbian Seagull – If I Get Lost - Dirt – IND (Calgary)
Francois Couture – Perception 7 - After the Rain – IND (Quebec City)
Kashka – Maybe It's Time - Bound – IND (London)

CanRock News
-Long time Canadian band, Hidden Cameras, have announced a release date for their new album Age. The album is expected on January 21 through Outside Music and includes the single “Gay Goth Scene” which was revealed this summer.
-Grimes received from negative comments when she posted on her blog a picture of her eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with the comment: “1 day hiatus from veganism is being had starting NOw." She then blogged about how most vegans are “dogmatic assholes” and she advocates a vegan outlook that is more accepting. So she occasionally eats animal by-products for social reasons and believes more people would choose a more ethical diet if they weren’t bullied into it. So does that mean I can eat bacon when I crave it? Seems like a wavering outlook to me.

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