Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Tony Dekker – Final Song - Prayer of the Woods – Nettwerk (Toronto)
Wil – Wedding Dress - Live at the Wildwood – Cordova Bay (Vancouver Island)
The Wellington Folk – Hevel - August – IND (Calgary)
Yes We Mystic – Mademoiselle X Writes a Letter - Floods & Fires – Head in the Sand (Winnipeg)
Twin Library – Heather Raceway - They Were Marked as Targets – IND (Edmonton)
Wildlife – Born to Ruin - On the Heart - Wax (Toronto)
U.S. Girls – Incidental Boogie - Free Advice Column – Last Gang (Toronto)
Small Town Get Up – Wild Like We Were - No Trade Backs – IND (Grimsby)
The Racoon Wedding – Black Coat - Racoon Dead On The Side Of The Road – Ford Plant (Brantford)
Dean Drouillard – Flash - Double Life– IND (Toronto)
We are the City – Legs Give Out - Violent – Hidden Pony (Vancouver)
Lightning Dust – Reckless & Wild - Fantasy – Jagjaguwar (Vancouver)
The Mark Inside – Don't Wake Daniel - Dark Hearts Can Radiate White Light – Vampire Dance (Toronto)

U.S. Girls: "28 Days" from Rookie on Vimeo.

-Tribe Called Red, who blends electronic and First Nations music, have booked more tour dates to carry into 2014. The trio has had a very successful 2013 with their releases, touring and spreading their political message. They will be in town on February 12, playing at the Shelter.
-Owen Pallett announced over a year ago he would be releasing an album entitled In Conflict. Recently, Pallett mentioned in an interview that he hoped to have the album completed earlier this year, but the mixing process has taken longer than expected. Openly gay Pallett stated that this will be first album he is releasing with lyrics based on his sexuality instead of “fantasy-land hippie-dippy stuff.”
-The first album I ever owned, Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette is being turned into a broadway musical. Will it be cool? That is a good question. But Morissette is teaming up with composer Tom Kitt to adapt this 1995 album to the stage. Kitt is a Pulitzer winning composer who also worked with Green Day to turn American Idiot into a play.

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